Changing TV service leads to big bill

TULSA - Susan likes her service from DirecTV.

But she needed to make some changes in the service, which meant trading out some equipment.

Easy, or so Susan thought.

"It never should have been this complicated," she said.

Susan says it turned into a three-month ordeal, which started when $483 was taken out of her checking account. Money Susan says she didn't owe.

"I was told that I had returned part of the equipment, but not the part of the equipment they needed back," she said. "That was part of my frustration, every time I called in, they would tell me something different as to why the money was charged."

At one point, Susan says the company refunded the money, only to take it back a few days later.

So she kept calling, and calling.

"I was trying to do everything that they wanted me to do, but they kept changing what they needed for me to do."

Eventually Susan contacted the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with a company representative and it didn't take long for Susan to get her $483 back, once and for all.

The rep says there were some complications with Susan's account when she changed her service.

"Oh, it's great, I chased this around for three months and couldn't get a resolution," Susan said.

But now that chase is over, and Susan couldn't be happier.

Whether you're changing service or signing up for new service, ask for written confirmation of details of the plan, pricing, and polices such as early cancelation.

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