Cell customer loses coverage after moving

COWETA, Okla. - Brooke moved into a house near Coweta a few weeks, not long after setting up her cell service through Sprint.

She had only moved about a mile and a half away from her old place, but Brooke says the service at her new home, wasn't reliable.

"I got one bar and the one bar would fade in and out a little bit."

Brooke says it was so unreliable, she had to get a landline through another company to make and get calls.

"I called multiple times for them to fix the situation, and it wasn't getting resolved."

At one point, Brooke says she was told her new neighborhood was in a pocket where service was spotty.

But when she asked to get out of her contract without penalty, she didn't get the answer she hoped for.

"Sorry, you signed a two year contract, you're going to have to pay $350."

After three months of paying for service she wasn't getting, Brooke called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with corporate headquarters.

After a representative researched the situation, Brooke says she finally got the good news she had hoped for earlier.

"I'm very happy to say I'm out of my contract without any fees or anything."

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