Car deal falls through, down payment lost

TULSA - Sylvenia's trouble started with she thought she had found just the right car, until the deal turned south.

"It just fell apart, it just fell apart."

A couple of days after signing the papers, Sylvenia returned the car, but didn't get her $300 down payment back.

"I kind of thought I may have thrown (that money) out the window."

Sylvenia says there was confusion over her contract and the insurance coverage required by the finance company.

The used car dealer said it voided her contract, and they were going to keep the down payment.

"Nothing in the contract said I couldn't get my deposit back, I asked him to show me what I signed that said that, he never would get that to me."

When we called the car lot manager, he said he'd give Sylvenia a copy of what she signed that said the deposit was not refundable. But when she got there, he gave her a check for the $300 instead.

If a down payment is involved in any of your dealings, make sure the contract spells out what happens to it if the deal falls through.

And keep track of the papers you sign, and make sure you get a copy of each and every one.

And looking back at her situation, Sylvenia says she'll follow those important steps to prevent future headaches.

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