Caller ID shows Mayes County Sheriff's Office phone number, but deputies say it's a scam

Adair resident, Marty Ball says she didn't know what to do when she got a call from what she thought was the Sheriff's Office.

"I get a phone a call and it says this is the Mayes County Sheriff's Department, if you don't call this number and make a payment in an hour we are going to come out with a warrant for your arrest," said Ball.

Then she looked at the number that showed up on caller ID.

"It came up, 918-825-3535, which is the Mayes County Sheriff's number," said Ball.

When Ball realized that, she became concerned.

"It's the only reason I answered, you know? It scared me so bad because it was their phone number."

She and her husband are in the process of paying several outstanding debts and she assumed this was one of those. With the threat of jail time looming, she decided the best action would be to pay up.

"I paid (via) money gram, and I called with a confirmation number," said Ball.

She paid more than $200. It was money she didn't have.

But she did follow up with the Mayes County Sheriff's Office and that's when she found out she'd been a victim of a crime. The 2NEWS Problem Solvers talked to Captain Rod Howell with the Mayes County Sheriff's Office.

"At no time would the Mayes County Sheriff's Office ever do anything like this," said Captain Howell.

As a matter of fact, no sheriff's office would do this. They do not get into bill collection matters, ever.

"That's a whole civil issue, we don't even get involved in that in any way, shape or form," said Captain Howell.

Howell says they are doing their best to look into the matter, but it is hard to track down this type of criminal.

"We have an investigator looking into this, and basically we believe it's going to be caller ID spoofing, which basically is illegal, and it's something that people can easily access through the Internet," he said.

Even though there may not be an arrest in this case, and she won't likely see that money again, Marty Ball hopes others learn from her mistake.

"If it just helps one person out there that might be in financial straits out there like us," said Ball.

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