Built-in letdown for Black Friday shoppers in Oklahoma

TULSA - Black Friday has become something of a sport to seasoned shoppers, but while you're making your list and checking it twice so you stay on budget you can browse tons of ads and offers by visiting KJRH.com/blackfriday to come up with a winning game plan.

But shoppers beware.  Stores in Oklahoma can't always live up to offers in national ads.

It's due to a law requiring businesses to mark products up by at least 6 percent over cost.

The idea is to protect small businesses, but it can lead to big customer disappointment.

Check the fine print or call the store before you go if you have your heart set on an especially low-priced item.

The folks at DealNews.com compile deals from retailers year-round and say there are things you shouldn't buy on Black Friday because prices will likely go down before Christmas.

Toys and Christmas decorations are on that list.  Watch for deeper discounts around Dec. 11 and beyond.

Expect great deals on clothes during Black Friday sales, except for winter apparel.  So hold off on those coats and gloves until the new year to get the best savings.

You'll see HD TVs in ads and stores but DealNews.com warns be sure you know what you're getting.  The big discounts won't be on brand name TVs.

Visit DealNews.com to see a list of 10 things not to buy on Black Friday.

And here's a new app many people can use year-round.  Search "Find My Car" in the app store and install it for free.

When you park your vehicle press "set my car location" and save.

When you're ready to go press "Find My Car" and let your phone guide you back to your parking place.

One stress you can take off your holiday list -- all the wandering, wondering and searching through parking lots.  

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