Making a Difference: Bikers standing up against child abuse

TULSA - They call themselves Oz and Shamrock.
And there are few things they love more than riding their motorcycles.

"You get on that motorcycle and it lets you just live," says Shamrock.

But these bikers aren't just doing it for a thrill.  They're doing it for a cause.

"We empower children to not be afraid of the world in which they live," said Oz.

They are the Bikers Against Child Abuse, or BACA.

They help provide security for children who've been taken away from their abusers.

"We do things that the police can't," said Oz. "We can be there 24/7 at the kid's house."

They also provide a whole lot of love.

Lisa Chin remembers when they first met her foster son.

"Their first introduction is when about 50 bikers come to your house and the windows start kind of rattling," said Lisa. "And the neighbors start looking out and the kid's looking out the door."

They went to her house to help her foster son recover.

Up until the age of three his biological father abused him.

"If he would even see a picture of his bio-dad, he would wet his pants," said Lisa.

Like hundreds of other children, since their start in 1996, BACA helped the boy build confidence.  

They usually do it simply by talking with the child.

"So now when any harley rider drives by us my son is waving saying hey those guys, they've got my back," said Lisa.

So, they'll just keep on riding, looking to make a difference in another child's life.

If you know of a child that needs help, you can call BACA at 918-519-2342.

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