Another cyber-attack and hack of a large company's servers brings warnings for all customers

TULSA - In the wake of the cyber-attack on deal site there are about 50-million people with some work to do.

It's only the latest example of a big hack on a company and experts say it's becoming more common.

First change your password on the affected site and any other sites where you use that same password.

Be extra careful about any emails coming from the business that was hacked. Before clicking a link "hover" your mouse over it and the link destination should appear so you can be sure you're not being diverted somewhere else. Better yet navigate to the company's actual site.

Keep a close eye on checking and credit card accounts.

In the case of the company says servers containing customer's credit card numbers were not accessed.

But if hackers could break the encryption on passwords they could potentially have a key into other accounts.

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