Alarmed after door-to-door sale

WAGONER, Okla. - "This is the first time I've ever got into anything like this."

Sitting at his dining room table, Dave tells us he's never bought anything from a door to door sales person before, that is, until earlier this summer.  

He signed up for a new alarm system and monitoring.

 "The alarm service I had before, I wanted to do some upgrading and their's was quite a bit more, they offered some things the other company didn't for the same price."  

But days after signing up with Vivint, a company out of Utah, Dave says there were billing problems. 

 The company took $159 out of his bank account when they weren't supposed to, causing overdraft fees.

 "Trying to talk to customer service to get this straightened out just became a nightmare."    

At one point, Dave says he was told he could cancel his contract without penalty if he sent in the proper form.

So he faxed it.    But his problem was never resolved.

 "I got what I paid for, and I got a headache."

Eventually, Dave called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with the alarm company.
A rep told us they couldn't cancel Dave's account and refund his money because he hadn't sent in his cancellation form.  

But we provided a copy of the fax Dave had sent from his bank.

It wasn't long until Dave got his $159 back, plus money to cover his overdraft fees.

"The headache is over."    

Dave says he's grateful for that.

And he's learned what to do before agreeing to any services, especially in dealing with door to door sales.

"Check them out before you sign anything, or do anything, that's the best thing to do.":      

 So you're never alarmed by what happens next.

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