A large donation of bottled water comes in during live news coverage of the drive

TULSA - For three days our viewers brought bottled water and local businesses transported it by the truckload to tornado ravaged central Oklahoma.

Just as we were about to let people know how the drive was going Metro Appliances and More of Tulsa pulls up with a large donation of 150 cases of bottled water.

Keystone Chevrolet matched all donations case for case and transported palates of water to Central Oklahoma.  Appliance Solutions of Tulsa and Mathis Brothers also donated their box trucks and manpower to get your donations to relief workers to help our neighbors in need.

Thanks to all the donations more than 3,000 cases went to help.

In addition we took in tax deductible donations to the Tulsa Community Foundation's Moore & Shawnee Tornado Relief Fund.    Those donations can still be made securely online at TulsaCF.org

The money donated will help with mid and long-range relief efforts in the months and years following these disasters.   It will help with survivor's medical costs and rebuilding the communities hit by the deadly storms.

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