$400 cell phone payment lost in limbo

TULSA - Karen was shocked, she says, when she opened a recent cell phone bill.

 "$992 and I'm not sure about the cents,"Karen told us.  

She had put her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter on her family plan, since they were living in Phoenix, and having a tough time financially.

But after that bill, she disconnected their phones, even though it means she now has to pay $300 in early cancellation fees, in addition to that $992 bill.

"I was very upset to think that had happened."   

Karen says she's on a fixed income, and couldn't afford to make that huge payment all at once. 

So AT&T knocked nearly $200 off the bill, and agreed to take $400 payments, until the account is paid off.  

But Karen's next problem started after she made the first payment, over the phone using her debit card.

"They keep calling me and saying when am I going to make arrangements for that bill, because they didn't receive that payment."   

But Karen's bank records show the $400 was gone from her account.

Still,  AT&T said over and over, they never received it.

"Where did it go? If if didn't go there, where did the money go? It's frustrating, very upsetting."  

Karen eventually called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with AT&T.
A representative worked with Karen, and found out the pending transaction was hung up in limbo, between the bank and AT&T.

But finally, Karen received full credit for her payment.  

"It's a big load off of me, I don't have to worry about getting a telephone call or wondering how I'm going to come up with another $400 to settle this account."     

Peace of mind and a lesson learned.

When making a payment over the phone, it's important to get a confirmation or transaction number.

In Karen's case, it helped tracked down the cause of her missing payment.

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