Renter waits 3 weeks for gas service

TULSA - Crews needed to dig up the front yard, but Alicia is happy to look on from her porch, as her gas meter's repaired.

She's waited more than three weeks to see it happen.

"I have to take a cold shower everyday, I don't get to cook. I'm a big cook. I love to cook my own food, I've been spending big amounts of money on food and eating out."

She hasn't been able to do the dishes or laundry, either, Alicia says, since she moved in three weeks ago.

That's when she called ONG, to send a worker to turn on her gas.

"When he came to turn it on, they noticed the meter had been broken by the previous person who had turned off the gas for the previous tenant."

Alicia says the plan was for the worker to turn in a request to get the meter repaired.

She thought that would be as simple, untilĀ  those three weeks passed.

"Never actually got any productivity out of the entire fiasco. I means it's been three weeks of phone calls and more phone calls and emails, trying to get something done and I can't seem to get anything done."

So Alicia called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with an ONG representative.

She made some calls, and that same day, crews showed up at Alicia's house, to make sure her gas meter was repaired, and her service turned on.

"I'm so relieved, I got to take a hot shower this morning, it was phenomenal, the best feeling in the world."

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