2NEWS Problem Solvers: 8 tips to aid in customer service battles

TULSA - Have a complaint about a company? Feel like it's falling on deaf ears?

We've compiled the best ways to get your problems heard.

-- Be firm, but polite
-- Don't threaten legal action, even though it may eventually come to that
-- Don't blow your stack
-- Put your complaint in writing, be short, specific and factually correct
-- Offer a fair resolution
-- If you're not getting results, find someone up the company ladder
-- Post your complaint to the company Facebook page or send them a tweet
-- Use customer complaint websites to get your message across

Companies like  gripevine.com

"Gripevine is all about resolving conflicts, not intimidating or bashing brands into communicating with them," said Dave Carroll, who created the site after he couldn't get his complaint resolved when an airline company damaged his guitar.

The site and others -- like ConsumerAffairs.com -- allow for public and private communication between a company and a disgruntled customer.

"Companies today, the smart ones, the ones that want to be relevant tomorrow, are understanding that social media is here to stay and they have to accept it," Carroll said. "They have to embrace it and engage with their customers."

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