2NEWS helps Vietnam veteran Bill Epperson get check worth thousands of dollars in benefits

For months the 2NEWS Problem Solvers have helped veterans get their benefits and the 2NEWS Investigators have dug into the problems and poor care plaguing the VA.

Bill Epperson was just 19-years-old when he found himself in the jungle in Vietnam.

Little did he know the battle was just beginning.

"I told the people of the United States, don't worry. I'll protect you. You go to sleep," said Epperson.

He returned home but something wasn't right.

"I wasn't the type to say, 'Oh, I got an ache. I'm going to go to the doctor,'" said Epperson.

Years passed and the pain continued, that's when a doctor diagnosed Epperson with Agent Orange.

It's a disease from the herbicide the U.S. used on the very base Epperson was protecting during the war.

Now more than 40 years later, he has a list of health problems from Agent Orange. "My heart, I've got bad kidneys," said Epperson.

As Epperson struggled to deal with the disease, he faced another battle. The VA wasn't giving Epperson the benefits he was supposed to receive.

"I feel like the government turned their back on us," said Epperson.

Five years passed and he still had not received his benefits. That's when Epperson called the 2NEWS Problem Solvers.

We looked into the case and found there was a hold up with medical paperwork. So we turned to the 2NEWS Investigators to help us dig into the problem.

The 2NEWS Investigators contacted the Muskogee VA.

Here's what Investigator Marla Carter found out. Epperson was waiting on the results of a test he had taken months before. The test analysis play a role in determining benefits.

Soon after the 2NEWS Investigators called, Epperson received a check for almost $60,000 worth of benefits he had been waiting on for five years.

"I can't thank you enough and Channel 2NEWS," said Epperson.

Still the battle rages on, as he works to get benefits for his diabetes, neuropathy and high blood pressure.

"I'm getting tired. I'm getting tired," said Epperson.

We're continuing to work to get Epperson his benefits and help other veterans in need.

If you would like the Problem Solvers or the Investigators to look into your case, send us an e-mail at news@kjrh.com.

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