2NEWS goes back-to-school shopping for you; Problem Solver find for best deals on school clothes

TULSA - Shirts, pants, skirts.

With a new school year comes a new wardrobe. And after all that shopping, a new wallet!

The National Retail Federation expects families to spend nearly $75 billion dollars on back to school shopping, up five percent from last year.

Starting Friday, thousands of shoppers will flock to the stores in Oklahoma for "Tax-Free Weekend."

To find the styles and savings that best fit your pocket book, the Problem Solvers go to work as you personal shoppers.

We scanned the sales at Goodwill, Target and Dollar General.

And we surfed the web for savings at Amazon.com and JcPenney.

Because many schools in Green Country require uniforms, we compared prices for both uniform shirts and bottoms and basic tops and jeans.

At Target, boys and girls jeans were $10, as well as uniform bottoms. Tops were around $5.

Dollar General had similar prices for bottoms. But tops were actually a few dollars extra.

Tops on Amazon were as low as $4. Boys bottoms ranged from $5 to $10. Girls bottoms stayed around $6.

JcPenney was the priciest. Bottoms started at $6, but average around $15. And the cheapest tops were $9.

But the biggest savings were at Goodwill. Boys and girls clothes are $2.49. Junior boys pants are all $5.99, tops are $4.99. And jeans, just $6.99.

We added up the total for four outfits. It was just $31.38!

Of course, these savings don't include back to school sales and coupons. And Friday is the start of Tax-Free Weekend in Oklahoma.

So make sure and check the deals before you hit the stores. And for more information on all your back to school needs, visit KJRH's Back to School section.

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