President asks voters for more time

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) -- President Barack Obama is asking voters for more time.

Obama spoke Thursday night to the Democratic National Convention, asking voters to stay patient even though his economic policies have failed to fully fix the American economy.

Obama said, "I never said this journey would be easy, and I won't promise that now."       

When it comes to defense and foreign policy, President Obama told Democratic National Convention delegates that his leadership has been "tested and proven."

After Democrats noted that Mitt Romney made no mention of Afghanistan during his speech at the Republican National Convention, Obama said that the U.S. has "blunted the Taliban's momentum" there -- and that the nation's longest war will be over in two years.

Obama got one of his biggest cheers when he said, "al-Qaida is on the path to defeat, and Osama bin Laden is dead."

Obama said Romney and Paul Ryan are "new to foreign policy," but that they appear to want to take the nation back to "an era of blustering and blundering."

He noted that Romney had offended some Britons by suggesting that they weren't ready to host the Olympics. Obama said, "You might not be ready for diplomacy with Beijing if you can't visit the Olympics without insulting our closest ally."

Vice President Joe Biden says the United States is on a mission to move forward "from doubt and downturn, to promise and prosperity."

Biden accepted his party's nomination Thursday night to keep his job for another four years. Biden told delegates, "the work of recovery is not yet complete, but we are on our way."

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