State lawmakers and experts debate ways to solve meth crisis in Oklahoma

Tulsa - 2News brought together state lawmakers and other experts to debate the best ways to solve the meth epidemic in Oklahoma. What followed was an informative and passionate discussion about how best to proceed. 2011 was a record-breaking year for meth labs in Oklahoma, with an estimate of 900 meth labs discovered statewide and more than one per day found in Tulsa.

Addiction to this potent drug is destroying our families, filling up our prisons, jeopardizing public health and safety, and draining our tax dollars, but in the 2011 state legislative session, lawmakers adjourned without taking any action towards solving the problem.

In a continued commitment to investigate the impact of methamphetamine use and abuse in Oklahoma, 2News Works for You presented a primetime news special hosted by 2News Anchor Russ McCaskey called "Fighting our Meth Epidemic" on Wednesday December 7 th.

        "Every day we report heartbreaking stories on the death and destruction that meth is causing in our community, as well as the cost to tax payers for clean-up and incarceration," 2News Anchor Russ McCaskey said. "We have the power to shine a light on just how close to home this really is, how it is impacting all of us and champion our community to work together and fight this epidemic."

Following the prime-time special, a roundtable discussion between 2News Anchor Russ McCaskey and a panel of experts was streamed online at from 8 – 8:30pm.  We encouraged 2News viewers to participate in the discussion by submitting questions and comments on as well as on Facebook and Twitter (#okmeth). The panel included State Senator Kim David, State Representative David Derby, State Representative Mike Ritze, Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics Director Darrell Weaver, and Pharmacist Rebecca Stovall.

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