Oklahoma District 1 candidates debate for Congressional seat at ORU

TULSA - The race for Oklahoma's District 1 Congressional seat inched closer to the finish line Tuesday as candidates participated in their first debate of the election.

Three congressional hopefuls -- Jim Bridenstine (R), John Olsen (D) and Craig Allen (I) -- worked to further validate their candidacy as November approaches.

The debate, held at Oral Roberts University and open to a select audience, centered around a few key questions.

But none more so than healthcare.

2NEWS anchor Russ McCaskey, in attendance for the debate, noted the topic of healthcare consumed more than half of the event time.

"Majority of 1st district debate is focusing on health care," he tweeted.

Bridenstine called for smaller, more responsible government, Olsen lobbied for tax code changes and Allen spoke on living within societal needs.

Want to know more about the candidates? Check out jimbridenstine.com , olsenforoklahoma.com and craigallenforcongress.com to view their campaign websites.

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