Gallup: State of the Union speeches don't do much for presidential approval ratings

With a number of polarizing issues facing President Obama in his second term, years of challenges appear to loom, but supporters shouldn't expect the president's address Tuesday to make the man any more popular.

Gallup poll data released Tuesday shows Obama's State of the Union addresses have made little difference on his approval rating thus far.


As it turns out, State of the Union speeches rarely sway voter opinions. Dating back to Jimmy Carter, only two presidents have averaged an approval uptick during their administration in the last 35 years.
Those presidents? Bill Clinton -- and Barack Obama.

The president could remain in that conversation with a well-received speech, but given his left-leaning goals stated in his recent inaugural address, the possibility for a divided reception is likely.

Early reports suggest the president will focus on the country's biggest obstacle -- the economy, and will announce the return of 34,000 troops from Afghanistan.


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