Gallup poll: Paul Ryan favorite among Republicans, Chris Christie most liked GOP name for Democrats

If the 2016 Republican presidential primary kicked off now, Paul Ryan would likely be the GOP nominee.

At least that's what a recent Gallup poll concluded. The June 1-4 survey gathered opinions from Republicans and Republican-leaning independents on five potential GOP candidates -- Ryan, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

A whopping 69 percent of those polled reported being in favor of Ryan, a rate far outweighing Rubio's second best mark of 58 percent.

Christie, who gained national notoriety during the 2012 presidential election and the more recent events of Hurricane Sandy, received only tepid reviews, with 25 percent of those polled giving an unfavorable rating to the New Jersey governor.

Gallup also polled Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, and naturally received  very different opinions. The biggest difference? Fifty-four percent said they see Christie in a positive light, more than doubling the next closest GOP contender, while nearly 53 percent said they dislike Mitt Romney's former running mate.

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