OK MOZART offices 'yarn bombed'

The offices of OK MOZART, Bartlesville's international music festival that takes place every June, have been "yarn bombed."

Staff arrived Monday morning to find three trees and a light pole outside their offices — near the corner of Dewey Avenue and 4 th Street — wrapped in woolen, knit color.

Suspended from one of the besweatered trees from a braided yarn tether was a laminated card — on it printed "Ok Mozart Offices have been Yarn Bombed! By the Bartlesville Knit and Fiber Guild … Have a wonderful season!"

"That is quite the colorful decoration," one passerby said as he slowed his walk to view the scene shortly before noon.

According OK MOZART Executive Director Shane Jewell, the trees have garnered much of such attention.

"It's neat because I've seen people stop to take photos and heads turning as people drive by."

Jewell told 2NEWS the guild had asked permission to "bomb" the trees a few weeks ago, letting him know they were planning on deed, but not letting him know when.

"So it was a nice surprise this morning to see the outside of the offices look so festive."

He said the decorated trees are just another way OK MOZART helps to make this town of 35,000 in northeast Oklahoma unique.

"Bartlesville, specifically downtown Bartleville, has been our home for so many years. Whatever we can do to add color to it, be it from the festival, to busking, to actual color on the trees, we are happy to do it."

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