Ochelata, Ramona voters to decide on $5.5 million school bond issue

RAMONA, Okla. - Voters living around Ramona, Ochelata, Oglesby and Vera will be voting in April on a school bond issue to fund district expansion, renovation and repair projects.

The issue, approved by members of the Caney Valley Board of Education during a special meeting in January, will appear on the ballot on April 3 in the form of two questions — the first proposition seeking voter approval for $5,245,000 in building bonds and a second proposition requesting $200,000 in transportation bonds.

According to Caney Valley Public School District Superintendent Rick Peters, chief among the planned building projects for the elementary school campus would be the renovation of the two top floors of the old high-school building to house fourth and fifth grade classrooms and administrative offices, the enlargement of the elementary school's early childhood classrooms and an expansion of the elementary school parking lot.

On the middle and high school campus, the bond would fund the updating of the high school's front entrance and the replacement of the building's doors and windows — installed in 1958 — with newer and more energy efficient counterparts.

Under the plan, both the middle and high school would get new ceilings, floors, interior and exterior paint and a completed roof.

Other improvements listed to be funded by the bond are a completed interior to the Vo-Ag building and seating improvements for the gymnasium.

Peters told 2NEWS that with this bond, if approved, for every $100 of property taxes paid annually, taxpayers would pay an additional $1.74 more per month.

The bond would be set to expire ten years after its approval.

If approved, the work will begin in November.

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