Summit County Sheriff's deputy fired for making inmates do the robot to Usher music

AKRON, Ohio - Accusations against a Summit County Sheriff's deputy sparked an internal investigation that led to the deputy being fired for making inmates dance to Usher music.

On April 11, the department said deputy Dominic Martucci made inmates dance to Usher's "Yeah," having them do the robot and dance "old school," in exchange for jail privileges like using the microwave.

Inmates complained that Martucci forced them to do a 5 minute "bump and grind" routine while other deputies watched, according to the incident report. The paperwork also said deputies Metcalf, Hoover and Zalick watched, but did nothing to stop Martucci. All of them were given disciplinary notices.

According to the report, Martucci admitted to the dance party saying he did it because a handful of inmates didn't go directly into lockup when he said it was time and that some continued to use the microwave.

Deputy Hoover wrote that the inmates seemed to be "having a good time" and that they were dancing by themselves.

Martucci never provided a written statement.

At a disciplinary hearing early Wednesday, the sheriff's office said the actions of Martucci were "unbecoming of a deputy sheriff" and because he failed to treat the prisoners humanely, he is out of a job.

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