Seattle police hand out Doritos to curb 'munchies,' educate public on marijuana laws at 'Hempfest'

SEATTLE - Police took a unique approach to educating the public on new marijuana laws in the state of Washington.

During the city's weekend "Hempfest," the Seattle Police Department launched a campaign called #OperationOrangeFinger. Police officials paid about $250 to put stickers on 1,000 Doritos bags that outline the dos and don'ts of personal pot smoking.

Seattle police Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said his department chose to hand out the bags at the festival rather than fliers to educate the public, according to CNN.

"We knew if we did leaflets, it would turn into litter," he told the network. "We wanted people to be able to access the information. It's actually fun to read. We wanted to do it in a way that is deliberately ironic."

Washington voters legalized personal pot possession, up to an ounce-per-person, in November.

According to organizers, Seattle's Hempfest was created to promote the potential benefits of hemp and marijuana.

Don'ts on the bags of Doritos presented to attendees include such messages as "Don't drive while high. Don't use pot in public. You could be cited but we'd rather give you a warning."

The Dos included: "Do listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume. Do enjoy Hempfest."

In addition the Seattle police pushed the campaign,and had a bit of fun, on its Twitter feed.

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