RNC 2012 Behind the scenes: Radio Row at Tampa Convention Center

TAMPA - For those looking to catch a glimpse of a political celebrity or former presidential candidate, look no further than Radio Row at the Tampa Convention Center.

Occupying nearly all of the second floor in the sprawling Tampa Convention Center, Radio Row has quickly become the best place to track down the biggest names in the politisphere.

Nowhere else at the Republican National Convention can you find journalists lining up to interview Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann, all while Geraldo Rivera and Mike Huckabee host their own shows.

Radio Row is host to around 90 radio stations, all set up in makeshift booths. ABC, Fox News Radio and NPR are just a few of the major players set up there.

Local radio celebs like Todd Schnitt are in attendance as well. Schnitt was playing host to Newt Gingrich when we dropped by.

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