John Boehner attack ad blaming House Speaker for shutdown to play during Sunday football game

Oklahomans likely won't ever see it, but faithful Cincinnati Bengals fans will likely find a politically charged commercial wedged between their Sunday football programming.

The Huffington Post reported Friday that the 39-second ad, which compares House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, with a crying baby, would run in the politician's district during the Bengals matchup against the New England Patriots, set for noon CT on CBS.

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The commercial begins with a 16-second close-up of an upset child, tears streaming down his face. A narrator's voice then enters, saying: "Speaker John Boehner didn't get his way on shutting down health care reform, so he shut down the government and hurt the economy."

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House Majority PAC, the Democratic super PAC responsible for the spot, has also put big dollars in the districts of nine Republican members it's targeting in the 2014 elections, according to the Post. None of the nine are representatives in Oklahoma.

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