Former 2NEWS anchor John Walls recalls witnessing Boston Marathon explosion one year ago

TULSA - The images, the smells, the sounds, are all indelibly imprinted on John Walls' mind.

He was sitting in the grand stand bleachers near the finish line, when the first bomb went off at the 2013 Boston Marathon.

With his cellphone in his hand, Walls captured the chaos of the day with his camera .

"When that bomb went off that the first thing I thought of was to snap a picture. So I did that very quickly. Then I thought video. I need to get video of this," Walls said.

Walls who has run the Boston Marathon before, was in Boston this year to watch his wife and daughter run. They were only about a mile from finishing when the second bomb detonated.

"When the other bomb, the second bomb went off just over her shoulder, that's when we knew that it was obviously a much bigger event than an accidental bombing," Walls said.

Also in the stands with Walls, a former Miss Oklahoma and Miss America Shawntel Smith. They quickly left the stands and made it to safety.

Then Walls's thoughts turned to his wife and daughter.

"Selfishly, I had that moment where survival kicked in and then once we knew we were OK, just a few short seconds later, they were by far the primary thought I had," Walls said.

Fortunately, they were safe.

Now, a year later, Walls says anytime he sees the bombing video, those feelings rush back, as he remembers how close he was to tragedy.

"It comes back and you get this chill all over your body. It rushes down through your knee. Kind of like the feeling where you are almost in a car wreck and you settle down a few seconds later. Really, it's a lot like that," Walls said.

Walls will return to Boston this year. His wife and daughter are again running the race, and he says he will again be in the bleachers determined not to let terrorists put a stop to one of the greatest running events in the world.

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