Young victim of ATV crash reunites with first responder who saved her life

SAPULPA, Okla. - A call for help led a first responder to make a life-saving call of his own.

Now a Green Country Family meets the man they say is responsible for saving their daughter's life after a devastating accident.

"Glad you're here with us," said paramedic Don Rhea.

Rhea, doesn't want the praise or the accolades, he understands what he does is just his job.

"Because if you hadn't done what you do, she wouldn't be here today," said Sherry Love about her daughter.

Nearly one year ago, Love's daughter, Megan, was clinging to life.  She says she knows if Rhea hadn't been there last February her daughter wouldn't be here.

"They told us she would not survive and that she was gone," said Love.

Nineteen-year-old Megan Love doesn't remember anything about the accident that nearly took her life.  She was riding an ATV on a county road in Kellyville when she was hit by a truck going 55 miles per hour.

"She was pretty broken and bruised," said Love. 

"Yeah, she was broken," said Rhea.

An understatement --  Megan had two broken toes, a broken tibia and fibula, a shattered femur, her pelvis was broken in two places and she had five skull fractures.

"Her injuries if you actually read all the things wrong with her, she should not have survived," said Love.

Now, mom and daughter finally thank the man who helped safe Megan's life, and Rhea is now part of the family.

"He just happened to be the first one on there, but he will forever be a part of our lives," said Love.

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