Woman charged in husband's high-rise death in court Friday

TULSA - A woman accused of killing her husband by pushing him out of a high-rise apartment window could again land herself in jail Friday.

Prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke bail for 20-year-old Amber Hilberling after she failed at least two drug tests.

Hilberling has already had her bond revoked once after she was suspected of having tampered with her GPS ankle monitor.  A judge reinstated her original bond of $250,000 Dec. 13 with the declaration that if HIlberling further violated the conditions of her release, she risks being held without bond until the completion of her trial.

The conditions of her release require she remain at home at all times, monitored with a GPS ankle monitor, with exception of doctors appointments and those of her minor child.  She may also visit her attorney's office, appear in court, church and her place of employment.

Hilberling must also undergo random drug and alcohol testing.

Hilberling is awaiting trial after her husband, Joshua Hilberling, died in June 2011 when he fell from a window at the couple's 25th-floor apartment.

She faces charges of manslaughter and second-degree murder.

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