With temperatures dropping heating repair companies start responding to service calls, offer tips

TULSA - While sitting on hold with one customer, John Morris of Brian's Heat and Air went over a long list of calls for furnace checks he still needed to get to. He then hopped in his van and headed to his next appointment.

"I started out in Morris Oklahoma, my last call was in Broken Arrow, another call in Catoosa, several calls in Tulsa," Morris said while driving to a scheduled service check. 

At each stop Morris pops open the furnace and investigates. He tries to spot what is working and what isn't.

"So this probably connected to this," Morris said, holding up two disconnected wires and trying to diagnose a broken furnace today.

He tries to keep his customers warm and safe as the temperatures are falling. Beyond changing HVAC filters, Morris recommends checking your furnace's efficiency and looking for any possible leaks. A leak could be a money waster to a homeowner and a potential safety hazard.

"If a customer is an Oklahoma Natural Gas customer, they qualify for a $30 rebate for just having their furnace tuned up or inspected," Morris said.

Away from the furnace, Morris recommends installing one or more carbon monoxide detectors before heating your home.

"The best place to put a carbon monoxide detector is in the hallway communicating with the bedrooms, or if you can put one in each bedroom," Morris recommended.

If you have an older furnace that just won't heat your home anymore, Morris says the best and most cost-effective option is sometimes to replace your current unit. Tax credits and ONG rebates are available for consumers buying and installing new furnaces.


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