Wintry mix? It's a mixture of rain, sleet and light snow that may hit Tulsa and northeast Oklahoma

TULSA - It's May 2, 2013. It's spring. And we have a chance for a wintry mix to hit northeast Oklahoma Thursday night, Friday morning.

Sounds about right, doesn't it?

Just one day ago it was in the 80's. Today, we're in the 40's and it's only going to get colder.

So, in an effort to anticipate questions you may have, I decided to tell you a little bit about what we may expect and what it will mean.

What exactly is a wintery mix?

It is a mixture of rain/sleet/light snow.

How can it snow if it's above freezing?

Well, the temperature is below freezing a few thousand feet up. That's where the snow will form and begin to fall.  As it falls most of it changes back to rain and reaches terra firma. However, as it falls it actually cools the air close to earth.  So… if enough snow forms and falls above, it could drop air temps down from 39 to 35 or so and presto - we have flurries.

How much do you think it will snow?

Not much, but we did have a few flakes around 2 p.m., enough for the National Weather Service to count is as a "trace." That makes today the latest snow to ever fall in Tulsa. The previous record for the latest snow in Tulsa is April 18, 1953.

Will it stick?

Nope. Ground temps are in the mid 50s. However, if we had enough fall on grassy areas we could see a very light dusting. Still with overnight temps falling into the mid 30s there COULD be a few slick spots on bridges and overpasses by morning.

Will we have a freeze?

It's close, but probably not.  Dew point (amount of moisture in the air) will be saturated and difficult for us to drop down to 30 or 31. The key factor will be the sky cover. If it clears by daybreak, then we will have a freeze, or near freeze. If we stay socked in with these overcast skies - it's not going to happen.

Would be break a record if we hit 32?

Good question! Yes, we would! In fact if we hit 32 it would be the latest freeze since weather records began, more than 100 years ago. The previous record is May 2, 1909.

Will your forecast change?

Sure, as data changes so do the solutions. We'll be closely following the moisture and the temps, at the surface and above to find out if/when our strange May weather may produce some snow. Keep an eye on our Forecast online and on our app, we'll update it throughout the evening.

Have you seen anything like this in your life?


Where can I send pictures I take of this wintry mix?

Another good question! You can send them to us at or You can also post them on our Facebook page.

Enjoy spring everybody!

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