Winter weather in Tulsa 2014: Wild ride brings temperature swings and windy conditions

TULSA - Spine-tingling drops. Hair-raising spills and meteoric rises.

Sounds like a great roller coaster at an amusement park? It's not.

It's the wild weather ride we've been on this winter.

This week's ride has been especially wild. On Sunday afternoon, we hit 69 degrees, but by Monday morning we dropped to 19. A 50-degree change in less than 24 hours!

So what's causing these temperature swings? Something sinister in the atmosphere? Polar Vortex? Maybe it's just winter being winter?

None of those three actually.

Blame it on the jet stream, the winds 25,000 feet above the earth. Those winds steer weather patterns around the globe.

This year the cold blast weather pattern has been stuck since early January. The jet stream winds have been blowing straight out of the North Pole.

So every few days, cold air builds over the North Pole and the jet stream dumps it right into the U.S.

But when will it ever end? How can we "unstick" the weather pattern?

We can't. Sorry.

But the persistent pattern plaguing most of this winter is showing signs of breaking down and switching into a more changeable pattern with more rain, snow and even ice chances in February. 

Which begs the question: do we prefer bone-chilling cold or the white-knuckle rides of driving on ice and snow?

While you consider that, there is an upside. Spring is only about six weeks away.

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