Wife arrested in courtroom as human trafficking ringleader suspect

Federal authorities arrested a woman suspected of human trafficking after recognizing her in federal court in Tulsa Thursday.
Gloria Giammalva was found in court attendance showing support for husband Juan Rosales Garza.
Garza, an alleged human trafficking ringleader, faced a judge for a detention hearing.
Giammalva later returned to court in the afternoon for arraignment on federal human trafficking charges. Prosecutors say Giammalva is the other conspiracy head.
The trafficking ring used illegal aliens as workers to maintain and operate apartments and houses as brothels, according to an affidavit.
Some of the women were forced to participate in commercial sex acts, and others participated voluntarily, it goes on.
Since 2008, more than $290,000 was deposited by the defendants, the document states.
A federal grand jury has indicted four other defendants in connection with the conspiracy.
Federal authorities made arrests in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Kansas City and possibly more cities as a result of the investigation.
Garza faces federal charges for his alleged involvement in a multi-state prostitution ring and human trafficking conspiracy.
Garza had his court appearance continued to Tuesday following the interruption.
Giammalva will also appear before a judge on Tuesday.
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