Who pays when you hit a pothole in the city of Tulsa? Track potholes on our Problem Solvers map

TULSA - If you've driven the streets of Tulsa, you have certainly done your best to swerve and miss a pothole.

Many times, your best efforts are in vain and you hit it anyway.

But who pays for the damage done to your car after you hit a pothole?

If you hit it before the City of Tulsa knew about it, it is your responsibility, not the city's. And that doesn't sit well with Tulsa drivers.

"How am I supposed to call them telling them there's a pothole when I don't know it's there?," asked Kermit Perrodin.

That's where we come in.

We will report potholes you locate to the city and post them on the map below (mobile app readers should click here to see it). We'll track where the potholes are and when they're fixed. All you have to do is send us an exact location such as 45th and Peoria to problemsolvers@kjrh.com .

Watch Monday on 2NEWS at 10 for Pothole Problems and check KJRH.com for the full story.


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