White, powdery substance sent to Tulsa County Jail remains mystery; meth, biological chems ruled out

TULSA - Lab analysts have ruled out the possibility of any harmful chemicals sent to Tulsa County's jail through the mail last month, but have yet to identify the substance at the center of the speculation.

Employees of the David L Moss Criminal Justice Center intercepted a suspicious letter June 26 containing an undisclosed message and a white, powdery substance.

After initial on-site tests, the compound was taken to an Oklahoma City lab for further testing.

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The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office confirmed Friday the substance tested negative for biological chemicals, or any that could be hazardous to humans or the environment. Previous testing ruled out methamphetamine.

In a release, TSCO said it "will be continuing to investigate where the letter originated in an attempt to identify the sender's motive, intent and what the substance is."

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