West Tulsa neighborhood concerned over string of fires

TULSA - Residents of a west Tulsa neighborhood are on edge because someone has lit dozens of fires near their homes.

It has all happened near 2nd and South 57th West Avenue.

2NEWS spoke with some of the residents who say they've seen several fires over the last two or three months.

They have all been lit in the grass or in areas filled with brush.

One of the fires burned a large portion of Cliff Hope's yard and came within feet of his home.

"I just don't want to lose my possessions or anything," he said.

The Tulsa Fire Department has responded to eight fires in the area that they are calling suspicious.

They do believe the fires are connected and they too are worried that the flames could spread.

"The concern is they're very close to some residential structures," said Great Hurt, a TFD investigator.

Hurt is asking for anyone with information about the fires to call the Arson Tip Hotline at (918) 596-ARSN.

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