Wee Little Lambs Child Care Center in Grove closed by DHS following complaint of melatonin misuse

GROVE, Okla. - March 13, the Oklahoma Department of Human Services received a complaint alleging Wee Little Lambs Child Care gave children melatonin to put them to sleep. 

Wednesday DHS issued an emergency order for the center to immediately cease care. 

The complaint regarding the Grove based child care center was received on March 13, said Mark Beutler, a DHS spokesman. 

In a statement Beutler wrote, "Anytime we feel a child may be in imminent danger, we take immediate action to ensure their safety. To that end, we asked the Wee Little Lambs Child Care Center to cease care immediately on March 19. We are following up to make sure the center has indeed ceased care."

Thursday the center had a sign on the front door notifying parents of the closure, which reads "We are currently closed. The Department of Human Services has issued a notice to be closed until further notice. We hope this is quickly resolved and we are so sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 918-801-5172."

When contacted by phone the care center's owner Judith Devore directed 2NEWS to her lawyer Winston Connor II. 

"We can only hope that the Department of Human Services looks at the truth," Connor said. I think they acted very prematurely and wrongfully... and quite frankly, I think it's a quite spiteful action that's been taken."

Connor said the only medication issued to children at the center had been brought by their parents or guardians. 

"They have very good record-keeping of that," he said.

From the time of receiving the closure on Wednesday, Devore has 10 days to request a hearing with DHS regarding the closure. 

DHS sent a letter to parents of children that go the the center. The letter recognizes this closure may cause an inconvenience for parents and directs them to call 918-797-2904 for assistance in locating another licensed care center. 

For questions regarding the status of the program, parents are directed to call 918-776-8000. 

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