Weather conditions impact travel on Oklahoma turnpikes

TULSA - Weather conditions are impacting travel on several Oklahoma turnpikes Wednesday.

At last check the turnpikes won't be a good alternative for most drivers.

The west and eastbound lanes of the Turner Turnpike are now open.

The Will Rogers Turnpike is now open in both directions.

The Muskogee Turnpike is now open, but the exits from the Muskogee Turnpike to the Creek Turnpike remain closed.

The eastern leg of the Creek Turnpike is closed from US-169 to US-412 due to the fact that most exits are blocked by stranded vehicles.

Major portions of I-44 are also closed, and city streets are still causing hazardous travel conditions.

Road conditions in surrounding states:

  • Arkansas (501) 569-2374 and (800) 245-1672
  • Colorado (303) 639-1111
  • Kansas (866) 511-5368
  • Missouri (800) 222-6400
  • Nebraska (800) 906-9069
  • New Mexico (800) 432-4269
  • Texas (800) 452-9292



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