Ways to get the most out of your Black Friday experience

TULSA - Friday will be the busiest day for many shoppers and experts suggest having a strategy in place to get the most for your dollar.

"This time around some shoppers are using apps and technology to ring people up outside of a line," said Jodi Koch with Woodland Hills Mall. "There are stores that will have mobile travelers throughout the store that will actually engage you in the purchase without having to send you though your typical sales system."

Experts also suggest following your favorite stores on Facebook and Twitter and even apps can help shoppers compare prices. 

Many retailers have a strategy for product placement and tend to place their sale items and most in demand items toward the back of the store, according to All You Magazine.

It also doesn't hurt to make a list of items you want to buy and know how much you want to spend.

For a complete shopping guide, go to kjrh.com/blackfriday.

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