'VW Bandit' again caught on video stealing mail, packages; police, feds investigating crimes

TULSA - Until Green Country's serial mail thief is caught, some within the community have decided to take extra precautions.

Carolyn Firey said Tuesday "The VW Bandit," believed to have stolen packages from Tulsa-area victims' mailboxes and front porches since Monday,  has forced her and her neighbor to chase after the mail truck after each delivery.

"When I heard the mail truck, I ran out and got my mail," she said. "Went over next door and got my neighbor's mail and gave it to them. We are switching back and forth."

Residents are also monitoring their homes with surveillance cameras in hopes of catching the suspect. Since Monday, video evidence has been collected from west Tulsa to Glenpool of a man, driving a silver Volkswagen hatchback and wearing a ball cap, illegally taking mail -- a federal offense.

Rod Reese's newly installed cameras captured the man stealing mail from at least five mailboxes in less than two minutes, just 10 minutes after the mail carrier came by.

"Why would you not just get a job?" asked Reese. "It's a lot of work, a lot of crazy driving ... Hopefully I catch him. I help police nab this guy."

Officers from surrounding police departments, as well as federal investigators, are actively looking into the thefts.

But until they do, Firey has some words of warning for the suspect. 

"I'd like to punch him in the face. Especially if he gets my mail," she said. "If you need money, there are people willing to help. Don't steal it from people."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers.

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