Voters have hard time finding Vision2 on ballot

TULSA - Tulsa County's Vision2 could bring in nearly $750 million in capital and county improvements, but as early voting wrapped up 2NEWS found the first obstacle for voters is actually finding Vision2 on the ballot.

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Some people were surprised when they took a look at a sample ballot. They couldn't find Vision2, as the term is nowhere to be found in the questions.

"Can you tell me where Vision2 is on the ballot?" asked 2NEWS Reporter Sara Goldenberg.

"Let's see, right off, not particularly," said Kelly Franklin.

"I don't know, it's awfully cluttered, isn't it?" said Bob Glidewell.

"Even though this says sample ballot , I think it's confusing, yes," said Donna Logsden.

Tulsa County voters will find Vision2 under "county questions" propositions one and two.

"It's very wordy, very ambiguous, yeah I wouldn't know just to look at it," said Franklin.


If passed, Vision2 would extend Tulsa County's 6/10 of a penny sales tax passed in 2003, known as Vision 2025.

Proposition one focuses on economic development, with a projected revenue of $386.88 million. This includes $122 million dollars for improvements to Tulsa International Airport's buildings and infrastructure.

Proposition two focuses on quality of life projects, with a projected revenue of $361.92 million; $92 million is slated for Tulsa County projects, from parks to roads and infrastructure.

The remaining $257.9 million would be divided among Tulsa County's 10 cities.

For example, Tulsa would receive $157.92 million; $38 million would go toward a new juvenile justice facility and $25 million would go toward roads and bridges.
Broken Arrow would get $44.1 million. Much of that would go toward road widening projects.

And Sand Springs would see $10.1 million. The city plans to spend more than half of that on parks and trails.

If it passes, Vision2 takes effect when Vision 2025 expires in 2017. The tax extension would run until 2029.

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