Visitors complain about dirty restrooms at River Parks

Visitors at Tulsa River Parks say they have had it with dirty park restrooms.
Visitors like Jenita Lester, who has jogged at River Parks for six years, complain of unsanitary conditions in the women's restrooms.
"The bathrooms are usually pretty gross every time I go in there," said Lester. "It's like there's no air freshener...half of the time there's no soap in there."
Lester says it's gotten to the point where she avoids going into the restrooms unless she really has to.
"Half the time it's out of toilet paper too," she said.
River Parks Authority says it relies on a cleaning service to maintain the restrooms daily.
The park gets about one million visitors every year, according to officials.
Tonja Carrigg, the director of community relations, walked into one of the restrooms, near the pedestrian bridge, to see the conditions for herself.
"The conditions for me personally, I would expect improved service," said Carrigg. "So for me, personally, they're certainly usable, but they were not as tidy as I would personally like."
Carrigg said River Parks will look into the issue.
They ask anyone who has a complaint to contact them, including via their Facebook page.
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