Vision2: Details on the controversial ballot question

TULSA COUNTY, Okla. - Vision2. It's the tax everyone's talking about.

The tax package would serve as a tax extension of Vision2025 if voted for on November 6, but so far it's been hotly debated.

With the vote nearing, 2NEWS took a look at what the proposal would mean for Tulsa County.

Vision2 is actually two proposals .    

The plan will appear on the ballot in two parts.

Proposition 1 represents economic development and would put $254 million into the Tulsa International Airport (TIA) Industrial Complex, which is owned by the city of Tulsa and Tulsa Airport Authority and supports an 11,000-person workforce.

Another $52.942 million would go toward a job-creation fund, which would be restricted to land, buildings, improvements, and lowering operating costs to make Tulsa County attractive to outside business.

An additional $80 million would go to bonding costs and interest, bringing the proposition 1 total to $386.88 million.

Proposition 2 would generate $361.92 million and would go toward county capital and community improvements.

Capital improvements:

  • $38 million to construct a juvenile justice center to better combat juvenile crime
  • $25 million for roads, bridges and other infrastructure
  • $12 million for Expo Square improvements to bring additional events and revenue to Tulsa County
  • $10 million for levee improvements to prevent flooding in west Tulsa and Sand Springs
  • $7 million for parks and recreational facilities

Community improvements:

  • Tulsa $157.92 million
  • Bixby $11.3 million
  • Broken Arrow $44.1 million
  • Collinsville $3 million
  • Glenpool $5.9 million
  • Jenks $9.2 million
  • Owasso $14.38 million
  • Sand Springs $10.1 million
  • Skiatook $1.16 million
  • Sperry $643,894

Vision2 will not raise taxes.

It will extend them. Vision2025's .06 of a cent sales tax is set to expire in 2017. Vision2 would continue the current sales tax rate until 2029 if both propositions passed.

Proposition 1 represents .031 of a cent. Proposition 2 represents .029.

If one passes and another fails, the voted-for proposition would continue as planned.

Popular supporting argument:

Vision2025 has been good for Tulsa, Vision2 would too. Tulsa has room for growth and city improvements means keeping and creating jobs.

"Vision2025 was such a huge success. Vision2 is an opportunity to continue pushing our county forward ... making sure that jobs are secure in the next 20, 30 years, and making sure that quality of life continues to be addressed," said Karen Keith, District 2 Tulsa County commissioner.

Popular opposing argument:

Vision2 was hastily pushed to a vote without giving time to educate the public. The money allotted to improve Tulsa's aviation industry would act only as a bailout and should not be funded with taxpayer money.

"We believe that Vision 2 is too much ($), too rushed, too soon, too sloppy and too vague. It is our goal to educate the public about Vision 2, exposing it as the boondoggle it is," said Ronda Vuillemont-Smith of Citizens for a Better Vision.

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