VIDEO: Washington County courthouse defendant attacks his attorney and is taken down by deputy

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Okla. - Just before a lunch recess Wednesday, a defendant in the Washington County courthouse sprang out his chair and attacked his attorney.

The defendant, Shawn Kennedy, was in a jury trial facing assault and assault with a deadly weapon charges stemming from a May 2012 incident in which he attacked the director of the Family Life Center in Bartlesville.

Transport deputy John Zeilinger, who took Kennedy to the ground before he could harm his attorney further, said he wasn't surprised by Kennedy's outburst after having Kennedy at the Washington County jail a number times. Others, he described, were surprised.

"He started to attack his attorney and I grabbed ahold of him, his arm, his upper torso and took him to the ground and secured him. I made sure that everybody was safe in the courthouse," he said. "It was a shocking experience for everybody that was there. He just flips up and starts hitting his attorney and I just thought, 'Oh, I better take care of this.' So I was doing my job."

Kennedy faces more charges now.

He was charged with assault and battery for going after his attorney.


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