Victory Christian pastor says "lives are going to be healed"

TULSA - The pastor of a mega church that finds itself embroiled in a child sex abuse scandal believes God will heal those involved in the end.

Victory Christian Center's senior pastor Sharon Daugherty spoke briefly about the matter with 2News reporter Brandon Richard.

While the church has issued statements, Daugherty herself has avoided media interviews since news of the investigation broke.

Daugherty's last known public comment on the matter was in September, when she told her congregation if they knew anything about a child being sexually abused to come forward and tell law enforcement officials immediately.

On Saturday, Daugherty said she and her family are putting their trust in God during this time.

"We've just made a decision we're just going to continue to reach people and to touch people's lives and we believe that in the end God's going to cause things to all be worked out and people's lives are going to be healed," said Daugherty.

Daugherty later added that she didn't want to hurt anyone by speaking out further.

Daugherty made the comments while attending the dedication of the Tulsa Dream Center's new wing.

Daugherty's son, daughter-in-law and  three other church employees, are accused of knowing about a child abuse crime, but failing to report it. The employees have all pleaded not guilty.

Former Victory Christian employee, Chris Denman, pleaded guilty to six felony sex crimes, including raping a 13-year-old girl.

The girl's mother is suing Victory Christian over the alleged cover-up.

The suit accuses the church of making her daughter feel at blame for being a victim.

Another Victory employee, Israel Castillo, 23, is charged with making a lewd proposal to a 15-year-old girl and using a computer to commit a sex crime.

Castillo is due in court on Nov. 29.

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