Victim's family asking the public to help find Best Buy shooter

TULSA - Graydon Wesley Brown, 58, was buying a birthday present for his wife when a man opened fire outside a Best Buy store Saturday.

A stray bullet went through a glass front door and struck Brown in the chest. He was transported to a hospital, but died from his injuries.

Scott Norman, 34, who police say was targeted, also died.

The shooting is being investigated as possibly gang-related and is linked to other homicides, from 2008 and 2011, in Tulsa.

Graydon's 10-year-old daughter was holding his hand when he was shot, his sister, Gracelyn Brown said.

"We're very concerned about my niece right now," Brown said. "That's something that should never happen to any child, no child should ever have to witness that or live through that."

Graydon and his daughter had a morning tradition of going and getting a doughnut every Saturday, Brown said.

"He would also take her on nature walks all the time," she said.  

Brown said her niece's birthday is next week.

"The greatest treasure of his life was my niece, and it's going to be a horrible loss for her to get over," said Brown.

The family hopes the public will help in finding the person responsible for this. They also hope those close to Norman Scott, who may have information, also come forward.

"We understand that there are two victims in this," Brown said. "Scott Norman and his mother and his family are also victims and we want to extend our condolences to them, but we also want to ask them for their help. We would like them to reach out and tell the detectives anything they know."

"We hope whoever did this will come forward and will choose to live their life in a positive way and do some of the things in the community that my brother did," Brown said.

Brown said as devastated as they are with losing her brother, the family could forgive the shooter.

"Absolutely. We believe in love, compassion and forgiveness. We do  not believe in revenge," said Brown.

Brown also wanted to thank a woman, a nurse, who was in the store with her husband when the shooting happened, who administered CPR to Graydon.

"My niece remembers every detail of this and that's one of the details she remembered and she knows that someone tried to help her father. So we want to thank them very much for their kindness and their help," she said.

Police describe the suspect as a black man with a scraggly beard, between 25-35 years old, about 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing between 170 to 180 pounds. The suspect was wearing a white jersey with "Let's Eat 4" written on the back.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-2677, the Homicide Tip Line at 918-798-8477 or email

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