Victim of home invasion grateful for arrests

TULSA - A Tulsa family is relieved to know the men accused of threatening them at gunpoint in their home are behind bars. The same suspects are accused of two other Tulsa Robberies.     

Police say the robbery spree started Feb. 3. That night Michael Wiles was home with his brother, girlfriend and 4-month-old daughter when there was a knock as his door. Wiles says, his brother opened the door, because he recognized the men from giving them tattoos days earlier.

"I've seen them before, So I wasn't really threatened," Wiles said. "I was threatened whenever he pulled out a gun and all of sudden and says, 'alright we are taking your stuff.'"

Wiles says he immediately began fighting to protect his family.

"I was going crazy. I was like get out my house," Wiles said. "They were like, 'we don't want to shoot your baby girl -- calm down.' And I just remember blacking out at that point. The next I know I am chasing them down the street."

Sgt. Brandon Watkins believes the suspects, Montre Fleming, Jeremy Carr and Deonte Hill also robbed a general Store and Tulsa Inn and Suites on Feb. 9.

Surveillance pictures taken inside the hotel shows three men and woman putting guns the clerk's head.

"When you're doing a take over style robbery. Those tend to go South fairly quickly," Watkins said. "You want to get those off the streets as quickly as you can."

Watkins credits good police work for catching the men, as well a security guard at Wile's complex who got the suspects' tag number.
As for that fourth female suspect, police tell 2NEWS they are still building their case against her. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

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