Vet accused of having sex with horse

TULSA - A doctor medically charged with caring for animals is now charged in a court of law.

Oklahoma state investigators say the man was caught in a sexual act with a horse.

Dr. Thomas Wilson now practices at an animal hospital in Pennsylvania.

The alleged incident occurred when he was a student in the Tulsa area nearly two-and-a-half years ago, but the case didn't surface until this summer.

On Thursday, Wilson was in court to face a judge.

"This will be my first time in 18-plus years of investigating this type of case," Dale Fullerton said.

He's the chief investigator for the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Fullerton said last summer his agency was approached about a man named Thomas Wilson.

"We were looking at another matter which led us to this particular case," Fullerton said.

In 2009, Wilson was studying to be a vet and training at a facility in the Tulsa area.

"He was simply a student working at this facility," Fullerton said.

Court documents state that a doctor was checking on the horses at his clinic on a live video feed and saw Wilson having sex with one of the animals.

The doctor told investigators he confronted Wilson about the alleged incident and stated that his response was, "I'm glad you caught me, I need help."

The case was turned over to the Tulsa County District Attorney's office last October.

"He's been very cooperative with the district attorney's office."

Wilson is currently licensed and working at an animal hospital in Pennsylvania.

State investigators say his time here was spent only as a student.

"He has not, nor has he ever been licensed in Oklahoma, nor has he practiced in the state of Oklahoma."

State investigators tell 2NEWS this is the only alleged incident they know of involving Wilson.

He has pleaded not guilty to the charge of a "crime against nature."

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