Supporters travel to see US Attorney Danny Williams sworn-in in front of Eric Holder

TULSA - Hundreds showed up to watch new U.S. Attorney Danny Williams Sr. take the oath of office for the Northern District of Oklahoma on Friday.

Williams was nominated for the post by President Barack Obama back in March. A bus load of family and friends traveled hours from his hometown of Mound Bayou, Mississippi to be there.

"Why is this important? Because it's a mile stone for the Williams family. And I wouldn't miss this for nothing," said Sampson Williams, his father.

His son, Danny Williams Jr., hopes to follow in his father's foot steps.

"He's really set the path for me, so I'm really proud." he said.

The new U.S. attorney has inspired his hometown, his former teachers and future leaders.  

"It means everything to me. To see one of my students be so successful, and come from such humble origin," said Abena James, Danny's former teacher.

"And what Danny has [done] is very historical, to let us know that another citizen of Mound Bayou has done it, so we can do it also," said high school student Jarvis Malone.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder was even there to show his support.

"Danny has built a reputation as an accomplished attorney, an effective communicator, a principled advocate and a strong leader," Holder said.

In office, Williams says he'll focus on gang and gun violence, drugs and health insurance fraud.

"This office is going to look at cases and do what's right. And if that calls for a person to go to the penitentiary, then that's what we'll do. If this calls for probation, then that's what we're going to do. And we're going to be guided by the principle of justice. What is right in that particular case," Williams said.

Williams hasn't forgotten where he came from. He credits his family with helping him make it this far.

"So to have them here, and this experience with me, it chokes you up. I'm just very happy that they came," Williams said.

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