US Attorney Danny Williams says 'Operation Battlefield' indictment largest in history

TULSA - State, federal, county and City of Tulsa agencies banded together in what is being called Operation Battlefield and Tuesday the massive indictment was unsealed.

U.S. Attorney Danny Williams announced Tuesday 238 criminal cases with 51 defendants, many members of the Hoover Crips gang, have been indicted.

Williams said this is the largest indictment in this district’s history; 23 defendants in jail. He added that 14 more arrests could take place Tuesday with many of those arrested ending up at Tulsa County Jail.

"We are confident that once this prosecution is over and done that we would have dismantled the Hoover Crips Gang in Tulsa,” said U.S. Attorney Danny Williams.

According to officials, the defendants are being accused of possessing, selling and transporting significant amounts of marijuana and cocaine across state borders. Charges include trafficking 600 kilos of cocaine, worth a street value of more than $10 million over three years.

The gang's activity also includes murder cases, gun charges, tax-related charges, as well as trained dog fighting.
According to Tulsa police, 23 defendants are currently in custody. $30,000 in cash as well as 18 vehicles and 8 guns have been seized.

Williams said this accomplishment took out 90 percent of the crack cocaine trade in Tulsa. Also arrested in the same case, Williams named the second largest Tulsa dealer, Chantz Lucas.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan said when the violent crimes task force kicked off 18 months ago, law enforcement said they would have results, and today provided proof.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt said his office gave $600,000 to the Tulsa Police Department to put violent crime officers on the streets and this is the result. He went on to say that he is looking forward to a conviction.

The Tulsa County District Attorney, Tim Harris, says no one wasn’t affected by this. He said crimes took place not only in Tulsa but in surrounding cities as well.

Special Agent In Charge of Drug Enforcement Administration Dan Salter thanked the officers who spent thousands of hours on the streets investigating.

Williams said this also reaches back to cartels outside the U.S. He said arrested also involved defendants in other states than Oklahoma.

"Once the conviction is over with we will disrupt the drug flow from Mexico, through Dallas, through Oklahoma City," he said.

This is not the end Williams added. Arrests have been taking place over a period of time and he said there will be more cases out Operation Battlefield. Associates and relatives of gangs’ members have also been arrested according to Williams.

Authorities say the gang’s leader in Tulsa, Donald Walters, is currently under arrest and the map shown here shows the impact his arrest has had in Tulsa.

Williams said he won't reveal tactics used for arrests because the investigation is still ongoing and they do not want to jeopardize further charges and arrests.

The Hoover Crips gang associated with drug dealers in Mexico to purchase and then distribute drugs beyond Oklahoma.

"This reaches to the cartels. I can't stretch that enough. This is a very far ranging, very wide investigation,” said Williams.

The cartels mentioned in the indictment are the Zetas and Sinaloa cartels out of Mexico.

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