Urban gardens are sprouting up in Tulsa

TULSA - Robyn Stroup started gardening because she wanted to have something she had made with her own hands. Now five years later she's a Master Gardner for the OSU Tulsa Master Gardener Showcase Garden Tour.

She says she's excited to tell how she built almost everything inside her small Midtown backyard. Her latest addition a beehive.

"There is lots of concerns about the bee population declining in general," the biologist said. "We just want to improve the pollination and everyone should be pleased to have them because they'll improve any vegetable crop around". 

She proudly shows off her chicken coop. Five chickens give her an average of three eggs a day. There's little maintenance that goes in to that part of the urban garden Stroup said.

"For me the entertainment value as well as the great tasting eggs makes it all worth it," she adds.

Stroup's entire backyard is taken up by vegetable beds.

"I've gotten a little obsessed with it.," Stroup said. "Maybe I'm going a little overboard but this is how I like to spend my time."

Visitor Adriana Rivers had several questions for Stroup. Rivers recently started her own garden and got a lot of ideas during her visit. 

"I like the distribution of the garden," Rivers said. "I like the idea of those raised beds which right now, I have only one in the cedar but I would like to do this in the backyard."

Rivers has learned a lot by reaching out to other local urban gardeners on the internet for advise and help. The best advise from Stroup is don't give up, "accept what happens. Look at it all as a big adventure and experiment and try again next year."

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